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Friends of ROSHNI UK

Working together to support disabled children in India

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The Difference We Make

Friends of ROSHNI UK began at the start of 2005. Below is a sample of some of the ways we have been able to support ROSHNI since then, with the help of our many supporters. We feel we have all achieved a lot during this short time... what do you think?

In 2010, we raised £12,000 to help fund the cost of delivering the projects at Roshni. This is approximately equal to the cost of staff salaries for a year.

Building project

Thanks to all our supporters we have now raised £26,000 towards the new building project. This money has already paid for the therapy wing of the new building. This includes a physiotherapy gym, a large room for the Early Intervention Group, fully equipped sensory room, and adapted bathrooms. Phase 2 of the project will soon begin, with work starting on a multi-purpose hall and a training centre.

Child Sponsorship

Our supporters currently sponsor 25 children and young adults at ROSHNI, and the number of sponsors keeps growing. The students who benefit are those who cannot afford to pay the fees to attend ROSHNI. Sponsorship money has paid for things like extra care to support families at home, fees for a child to attend mainstream school with the support of ROSHNI staff, and an operation to correct a hearing impairment in a young boy. All the sponsored children receive free therapy, tuition and transport to ROSHNI, medical care when needed, nutritional support and the provision of aids at home such as standing frames, splints and special chairs.

Staff Grants

Friends of ROSHNI UK recognise the importance of staff training and development. In 2006 we started an annual Staff Training Grant, which any staff member at ROSHNI can apply for in part or full. We now give 4 grants, as follows:

  • Annual Staff Training Grant
  • Annual Staff Professional Exchange Grant
  • Annual Parent Training Grant
  • Parent Volunteer Grant

The grants have funded a variety of courses and projects, including an 18 month qualification in Developmental Therapy, a 3 day parents workshop on making adapted clothing for disabled children, visits to several other therapy centres across India, and parents and staff visiting a project for children with autism in Delhi. 


To date, we have trained and sent 20 skilled volunteers to work at ROSHNI, including:

  • 13 physiotherapists
  • 1 special needs teacher
  • 3 occupational therapists
  • 1 occupational therapy student
  • 1 manager of residential homes for adults with learning disabilities
  • 1 specialist in staff development/HR

We are currently in the process of recruiting volunteers for September 2011. Please get in touch with Penny if you are interested in applying -

Provision of specialist equipment

We have collected a lot of specialist equipment over the last 3 years, which has been taken over to India by volunteers and visitors. The equipment has all been donated by therapy departments and special schools in Kendal, Manchester and London. This includes:

  • equipment and decoration of new Sensory Room
  • assessment kit for premature babies
  • supportive seating/pushchairs
  • 175 orthopaedic appliances, including supportive footwear and foot splints
  • 11 textbooks on disability related issues
  • PECS communication software for the computer
  • Various items to be used in therapy and educational programmes, such as therapy balls, a parachute and a digital camera.

Vocational Training Project

Friends of ROSHNI UK sell hand-made bags and cards on behalf of the Vocational Group at our fundraising events. To date, we have sold £1344 worth of their produce. The money raised is sent back in full, and is divided between the students who make the goods, and the rest put back into the training project.Professional visit to UK

Vivek Sharma, the Therapy Team Coordinator visited the UK in 2005 for 2 months, during this time he undertook several short training courses and observational placements in hospitals and therapy departments across England. The trip was funded by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, and planned by Friends of ROSHNI UK.

Funding Special Trips

Our sponsors have donated £310 to allow 19 young people from low-income families to attend Performing Arts and Special Olympics events across India over the last 4 years.

students from roshni about to go on stage at the Anjali project 2006
Students from ROSHNI about to go on stage at the Anjali project 2006
(click for larger picture)

A Roshni Prizewinner at the Special Olympics
A ROSHNI Prizewinner at the Special Olympics
(click for larger picture)

learning pottery at project Anjali in Orissa
Learning pottery at project Anjali in Orissa
(click for larger picture)

a gold medal winner from a Special Olympics event in Calcutta
A gold medal winner from a Special Olympics event in Calcutta
(click for larger picture)

We are pleased with the help we have given so far, but we always want to do more! Can you help us support ROSHNI even more, by volunteering, sponsoring a ROSHNI student, or making a donation?


Last updated February 2011