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Working together to support disabled children in India

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About ROSHNI, India

Roshni LogoROSHNI (meaning 'light' or 'radiance' in Hindi) stands for:

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ROSHNI was established in 1998 to provide much needed educational and therapy services to children and young adults with cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, autism and other forms of neurological disability. It is based in Gwalior, a small city in northern India. Before ROSHNI was opened, people had to travel 5 hours to Delhi to receive similar services. Many were unable to afford this option.

ROSHNI serves over 1000 people with disabilities, from Gwalior and many surrounding towns and villages who do not have any services in their own area. Many of the beneficiaries live in extreme poverty. ROSHNI provides services in their centre, in local schools, outreach centres, and visits the villages from time to time to offer services to those unable to reach Gwalior.

Training Course
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ROSHNI also run regular training programmes, for parents and families, community workers, mainstream school teachers, and medical professionals. They place a lot of emphasis on raising the awareness of disability rights and issues, for example with local politicians, doctors, and employers.

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Disability in India

Cerebral palsy and learning disabilities tend to be the ‘forgotten’ disabilities in India, with more services providing support to people with visual, hearing or orthopaedic disabilities. Neurological disability is a lot more complex, and so this group is often ignored in government, educational and vocational projects. ROSHNI are determined to change that, with a wide range of projects for people of all ages, working alongside the service users and their whole families, as well as the wider community.

ROSHNI Projects

ROSHNI has several ongoing projects. To find out more please select a project below:

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