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Vocational Group

Vocational Group

Many centres for people with disabilities in India only offer services and support until the age of 18. ROSHNI is rare in that it gives its clients lifelong support.

From the age of 15 years the students become part of the Vocational Training Group, receiving an education aimed at enhancing functional literacy, numeracy and life skills, as well as learning new skills to help them to earn a living. The group makes a selection of shopping and gift bags, some of which are already on sale from Friends of ROSHNI UK. They also make greetings cards, jewellery, and a variety of gifts.

An extremely important aspect of Roshni’s work is to provide the children and young adults with skills which will enable them to lead as independent a life as possible. This skill development ranges from being able to feed or dress themselves, to being able to earn a living wage and be a valued and contributing member of society. 

That is why it is so exciting to hear that a local government handicrafts emporium has recently placed an order with the young people in the Vocational Training Group for 10,000 cloth gift bags, and 5,000 bags made from newspaper. This is the first time the group has received such a huge order, so they must be really impressing people with their work and skills. It is amazing to think of the impact this will have on the young people’s self-esteem – as well as their bank balances! 

Equally wonderful is the news that Aditi Goswami, who has been attending Roshni since it first opened in 1998, has recently been given a job in a very well-respected local school. She is working as a Library and Teaching Assistant. She is also learning computer skills there. Aditi is delighted to be employed, and is making lots of new friends among the staff. Congratulations to her, we are all thrilled for you Aditi!

Vocational GroupVocational Group