Friends of Roshni UK

Friends of ROSHNI UK

Working together to support disabled children in India

Registered Charity Number 1117759


Inclusive Education

Inclusive Education

When ROSHNI first started, very few disabled children attended mainstream school in Gwalior. Now there are over 50 children registered with ROSHNI who are regularly attending a mainstream school on a full-time basis.

ROSHNI support these children in many ways.

  • They run regular training programmes for mainstream school teachers to help them understand the nature of the children's difficulties, and how to help them access education.
  • School visits are undertaken by therapy and educational staff to assess the working environment and advise on changes which need to be made.
  • Children are seen as out-patients by the Special Educators, and supplementary educational programmes are given to parents and teachers to further assist the child with their education.
  • Children from low-income families may be provided with funding to allow them to travel to school and pay the school fees, through the Child Sponsorship Programme.
  • Specialist equipment such as wheelchairs and supportive seating may be provided to allow the children to access the school, and maintain a good posture during lessons.