Friends of Roshni UK

Friends of ROSHNI UK

Working together to support disabled children in India

Registered Charity Number 1117759


ROSHNI Projects - Training Courses

ROSHNI aims to be a centre of excellence in Northern India for professional and parent training and education in the field of disability. The more disability is understood in the area, the more access to opportunities and inclusion disabled children and adults will find. Recent training projects include:

  • A week long course in Halliwick hydrotherapy, run by Beryl Kelsey, a Halliwick trainer from the UK.
  • Regular training for parents, including how to make adapted clothing for disabled people, and how to support a young child with cerebral palsy
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication, and how to help children develop communication skills
  • Teachers training to promote Inclusive Education, including a 3-month project sponsored by UNESCO
  • Awareness raising with local school children, to promote understanding between them and people with disabilities


Friends of ROSHNI UK sends volunteers from the UK to India, to help provide services, but also to provide training opportunities for staff. For example, one volunteer delivered a course on Rebound Therapy, a sensory-motor therapy using trampolines. (Click here to read more about Rebound Therapy )

Our volunteers also learn a lot from the staff at ROSHNI.

Friends of ROSHNI UK provides 3 training grants a year:

  1. Staff Training Grant, to allow individual members of staff to attend training courses
  2. Professional Exchange Grant, to allow staff members to visit other special schools and therapy centres across India, to share ideas and expertise
  3. Parent Training Grant, to allow parents to attend relevant courses, or fund trainers to come to Gwalior to provide parent training

Discover our plans for a new training centre at ROSHNI.