Friends of Roshni UK

Friends of ROSHNI UK

Working together to support disabled children in India

Registered Charity Number 1117759


We're not just a school!

At ROSHNI, there are lots of opportunities to join in a wide range of activities and projects, including:

Campaigning for equal rights

ROSHNI actively encourages the young people and their families to campaign for equal rights for people with disabilities. They also organise Awareness Raising activities for local decision makers, employers, schools and school children, to promote an ethos of inclusion in the city. A huge rally and petition organised by the ROSHNI students has resulted in Gwalior Railway Station building ramps to all its platforms. This was a big success for a group of people often ignored in other parts of India.



The students learn about all the major festivals of the Hindu, Islamic, Christian and Sikh calendars. They then celebrate together, helping the students learn about each others cultures, as well as ensuring they don't miss out on the fun! Holi is the Hindu festival of colours, and both children and adults celebrate it by covering each other with coloured paint!


World Disability Day Dehli

World Disability Day, Dehli

Each year staff and students from the Vocational Training Group join thousands of other disabled young people from across India on World Disability Day.

They march through the city towards the Government buildings, demanding equal rights. ROSHNI actively encourages the young people attending the centre to stand up and fight for their rights.


National Special Olympics

National Special Olympics

Sporting events are held throughout the year at various locations across India. ROSHNI co-ordinates the Gwalior division of the Special Olympics.

This gives their students, as well as children from centres for people with visual, hearing and orthopaedic impairments, the opportunity to take part in sporting competitions across the country. In this photograph Ankush is obviously very proud of his gold medal!